What to take with you:

  1.  Identification: It is important that you take correct identification with you, the rule at any test centre is "No ID No Test"

Acceptable ID is:

Photo Card Driving Licence:
A valid UK only driving licence showing their photograph and signature.

Passport: Of any nationality with a photograph of the examinee and their signature.

If you have no suitable ID you will not be tested, and this is a non refundable service.

If None of these are present then other acceptable forms of ID accepted are:

A Non Uk Drivers Licence: This must be along with another form of ID such as a Credit card, Debit card, National Insurance card.

What Will Happen At The Test Centre:


The test centre staff are there to book you in make sure you can take your test without being disturbed. They will greet you ensure to book you in, check your ID, and take your photograph for security reasons, seat you at the test station. After your test they will give you your result certificate.